RV/Motor Home Paint Booths

RV/Motor Home Paint Booths

From simple overhead conveyor loops, to more complicated power-and-free conveyor systems, and high-production palletized floor conveyorized lines, Spray Systems can design the right RV and motor home paint booth to meet your automated requirements.

Motorhomes Face Sophisticated Paint Finishing Requirements

Your paint experts work with a variety of finishing requirements – such as paint prep, color matching, metallics, custom airbrushing and paint completes. Because of the size and shape of the motorhome (from Class C to Class A, including pop-outs…), this requires a large booth enclosure, further requiring customized treatment and filtering systems for large volumes of air.

Specialized filtration media, temperature, humidity controls, and 3-axis pneumatic man-lifts are all variables that must be addressed when engineering and manufacturing your RV and motor home paint booths. Downdraft and Crossdraft airflow designs need to be considered to meet the finishing requirements of the coach – it is critical that you meet all your production requirements while complying with various agency regulations. That’s what we do best.

Whether you’re with Fleetwood, Monaco, Country Coach, Prevost, Tiffin, Dutchman, Forest River, Bounder, Tioga, Coachman, Hurricane, Holiday Rambler, Airstream, Aliner, New Flyer, MCI, Jayco, Newmar, or other motor coach manufacturer or repair facility, we have the experience to solve your most sophisticated paint finishing requirements.

Contact Spray Systems to discuss and evaluate the exact custom booth requirements for your RV and motor home paint booths.