Why Spray Systems

25 Reasons Why Spray Systems Quality is your Best Choice

Spray Systems, Inc. A Tradition Of Excellence For Over 35 years.

Quiet High-Performance Exhaust Fans

  1. Quiet
    Typically operate below 80 dba noise level, well below the 90 dba OSHA limit. Some competitive fans operate as high as 105 dba. We have engineered fans as quiet as 64 dba for custom paint booths.
  2. Efficient
    Computer-selected for optimum performance at the lowest possible fan blade speed.
  3. Dependable
    Designed and manufactured in-house; for easy installation, motor and drives come pre-assembled.
  4. Quality
    Our quality is second-to-none because we design every booth from scratch.

Built to Last

  1. Precise
    CNC manufacturing means precise hole-positioning for easy bolting and panels that fit squarely together and provide easy bolting.
  2. Quality Appearance
    With durable premium grade G-90 galvanized steel.
  3. Durable
    Nut and bolt assembly with pre-punched panels 6" on centers.
  4. Quick Assembly
    All panels are precision-fit, even for the most complex booth designs.

Faster-Easier Installation

  1. 4-Sided Panel Construction
    Panels with flanges on all four sides mean fewer parts to assemble and eliminates tie-in angles required with two-sided panels.
  2. Computer Generated Labels
    Labels on every component simplify sorting and speed installation.
  3. Itemized Assembly Drawings
    Item numbers on labels correspond to components on 3-D exploded view drawings.
  4. Save Time and Money
    Ease of assembly reduces the time and cost of installation.

Integrated Steel Design

  1. Formed Support Steel Structure
    Made from rigid galvanized, heavy-gauge steel.
  2. CNC Designed and Manufactured 
    To precisely align holes with the corresponding panel, the consistency of using a CNC machine is standard.
  3. Ease of Assembly
    Designed to easily bolt between panel flanges.
  4. Monolithic
    Provides smooth booth interior for a cleaner booth environment and meets code requirements.

Efficient Effective Lighting

  1. Uniform Lighting
    With 4-tube fixtures to illuminate evenly.
  2. Cost-Efficient
    T-8 type fixtures cut power cost by 20%.
  3. Easy Accessibility
    Hinged panel for tube replacement.
  4. Easy Mounting
    Light panels with framed openings are designed for bolting fixtures easily and into place.
  5. Industrial Rated
    With dust-tight seals.
  6. Meets Booth Code Requirements
    UL/ETL listed and labeled.

Premium Secure Shipping

  1. Damaged Prevention
    Fully enclosed and banded crating prevents shipping damage on LTL shipments. We ship around the United States.
  2. No Installation Downtime
    Special piece loading system ensures no missing parts to delay installation.
  3. Quality Control
    Shipments cross-checked three times to ensure the order is completed along with 100% customer satisfaction.

We’ve Raised The Bar On Paint Booth Quality

Our proprietary, engineering-based spray booth solutions have set a standard of uncompromising quality upon which our customers have come to rely. Call your Spray Systems Advisor for more information.

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